About Us

Synergy Medical Recruiters is a premiere recruiting firm with emphasis on the biotech and medical markets. We believe that successful recruiting must be specialized. This ensures that both companies and candidates are effectively brought together.

Our client approach is 100% consultative. We take full interest in your company. We want to understand your company’s goals, delivering with accuracy upon your requirements.

For our candidates…we are your agent; experts in the field of recruiting, we are going to get to know you and begin sharing life changing opportunities with you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set a standard unparalleled by our competitors; to hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to excellence and always remember that we are in a unique position to change professional lives.

It’s all we do!

Synergy Medical Recruiters focus is on Sales & Management, Marketing, Training, Clinical Application Specialists. We are a Contained Search Firm, offering the best of both a Contingency model (speed and efficiency) and a Retained Firm (thorough, exclusive, high quality).

We partner with our client companies not just to find them top talent (their human capital) but also consult to help grow and leverage their business.

We work with a high level of trust, integrity and accuracy.

The Insider’s Network

We’ve been networking with great companies before you knew you were ready to make a career change. When you work with us, we plug you into an existing network of companies that don’t always post to job boards. You will have access to unique opportunities – opportunities you won’t find on your own.


We have an Outside/In approach to business, seeing our services through the eyes of the people we serve. We continually conduct surveys to customize our services to meet your challenges. Your priorities become our priorities. We take our DIRECTION FROM YOU!!

Higher standards

We don’t exist without our clients and candidates. Our model is designed around the premise of identifying top talent for our clients and helping our candidates achieve life changing opportunities.

Proper vetting

We understand the difference between candidates and applicants. We take time getting to know our candidates and build our network on personal contacts and referrals. This is also why we strive to establish deep relationships with our clients and constantly seek feedback so that we can earn the title of your “trusted advisor.”

Thank you for calling!

We’ve picked up that old book on customer service, dusted it off, and put it back into practice. At Synergy Medical Recruiters, customer service is our priority. We return calls promptly. We don’t let you fall through the cracks. It sounds so simple yet so few know how to do it right.

Eva’s innovative approach to identifying, listening and determining talent separates herself from the typical plug-the-hole recruiter. Her deep knowledge of her client was important in personalizing not only the company but also the hiring manager in a seamless and efficient way. Her transparency and honesty were vital throughout the multi-step hiring process. In addition her ability to stray from the typical B2B backgrounds medical companies recruit from was essential in my success in breaking into medical. I highly recommend Eva to any B2B rep trying to break into medical.
Ed YakichTerritory Manager at Verathon Medical